About Us


Lynda Sostre Delgado 

President of Absolutely You by LS 


 Absolutely you by LS offers a variety of artisan and natural products. They include soaps created using the cold saponification method, 100% soy wax candles, coffee scrub, lip scrub and lip balms. The handmade products transmit a different experience when bathing or when doing your beauty routine, in addition Absolutely you by LS offer a natural alternative when choosing a specific product for the needs of your skin and is committed to environment. We work to use the least amount of packaging and if it is used, it is one that can be reused or recycled.

My name is Lynda Sostre, I am an Industrial Engineer and I love natural products. I usually spent hours doing ingredient research and then deciding whether to use it on my skin or not. 99% of the time I couldn't find what I wanted and my conclusion was not to use anything. Of course with all the bombardment of products with chemicals, I better stay not use anything. As an engineer, she works long hours, she hardly had time to research the products she used.
Thus began my adventure with Absolutely You by LS.


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