Our Story





Since I was little, my skin has been sensitive, and as I grew older, it worsened. Any chemical product affects my skin, I immediately turned red and swollen. So I have to be very selective with the products I bought. I was working long hours and didn't have time to do research on every product I was considering. I started taking courses to make my own products and wondered how many people would be in the same position as me. So I decided to help other people like me, by providing information and being transparent with the ingredients in our products.

I quit my job!!! If I resigned, I arrived at a Monday, and they told me that I had to be on Saturday and Sunday without pay, yes, without pay. July 16, 2019, I quit my full-time job and started Absolutely You by LS. I love my job, I am an industrial engineer who graduated from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus. I have had various experiences in the industry, but I love to implement changes in processes and apply systems. After resigning, I fully started working with the business. In October, we started going to fairs and activities, and in December the rumors of a pandemic began.

All this time I kept practicing and reading different books to be able to master the cold process, in addition to applying all my knowledge of process improvements as an industrial engineer. The cold process method allows you to control of the ingredients to be used, in addition to being the truly traditional method (from scratch). It has been a process of much practice and learning to create a quality formula that is effective on your skin. In addition to working on our products, we also work on our packaging components, in which we look for alternatives that are friendly to the environment.

My experience with Absolutely You by LS has been enriching, not everything has been rosy, but I have learned and grown over the years. It's not easy, but I love it and I work to help people and for myself.

I am happy to present our online store with our unique range of handmade soaps and skincare products. I know you will like our products and will make them your favorites.


Lynda Sostre