Terms and Conditions


All purchases are final. Refunds are not allowed.

Wrong address - If you give us the wrong address or give us the incomplete information, you will be responsible for the costs of reshipment.

Shipping Error - If you receive a product that does not match your final order, Absolutely You by LS will supplement the return and shipping costs.

Lost or Stolen Products - Absolutely You are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. You are given the necessary information for the customer to track your order.

Cancellation of Order - If a client submits a cancellation before the order is delivered to the postal service, it will not entail any additional charge. If a cancellation is submitted after the order is delivered to the postal service, the client will bear the shipping and return costs.


Invoices are sent to the email address that the client provided when generating your order or order.
Orders are considered completed and delivered at the time the postal service confirms the shipment.
The shipping services of United States Postal Services (USPS) will be used.
Orders are sent as soon as possible within 3.5 working days after making your payment.