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Lip Scrub

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Lip Scrub | Lips | Scrub | Jojoba Oil | Coconut Oil | Vitamin E | Mint | Cherry


NO sulfate NO chemical

It is very important that you include your lips in your beauty routine. In addition to good hydration, you can not lack the scrub on your lips. The lip scrub helps reveal a new smooth and even skin, some of the most important benefits of scrub your lip are:

Benefit Description:

Helps reduce stains
Helps reduce imperfections
Helps remove the top layer of the skin

Type of Skin: All types of skin

Frequency: One or Twice a week,


Aloe Vera Oil
Coconut Oil
Jojoba Oil
Castor Sugar
Cherry Essential Lip Oil
Vitamin E


How to use

1. Apply the product on the lips.
2. Rub the product for approximately 1 minute.
3. Let stand for about 4 minutes.
4. Stir the product with plenty of water.
5. Done!

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Important Note: We all have different skin types. Should any concern arise on your skin, we recommend you stop use the product. Please, if the reaction continues please always contact a dermatologist.

Results may vary from batch to batch, by essence of craft products.


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We do not test our product in animal.
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Customer Reviews

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Súper bueno, deja mis labios súper exfoliados!

Melissa Quinones

¡Me encanto! 💕

Yari Deliz Santiago

¡ Súper bueno ! Y el olor riquísimo